No Social Networking For China

In an age that is highly driven by social media content and networking, China is opposed to it all.

Stan over at Mashable found out some very interesting information.

It seems that as of today, the Chinese authorities have blocked internet access to Twitter, FlickrFlickr reviews, Bing,, and several other sites. WordPressWordPress reviews, YouTubeYouTube reviews, Bloggerblogger reviews are also blocked.

According to early reports on TwitterTwitter reviews and on blogs it seems that the Chinese authorities want to quiet down the entire major social networking and social media part of the web ahead of the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre on June 4th.

As far as solutions for evading the block go, you can find some advice here and here. Furthermore, Twitter may be working if you’re using third party apps to access it, such as TweetDeckTweetDeck reviews.

Hopefully this only lasts for a few days.  I liked networking with my overseas friends.  Who else is going to give me BlackBerry tips that Crackberry doesn’t have yet.


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