Social Media Marketing Stage 1 – Planning

urban-planning-6After determining your budget and appointing someone in charge of your social media marketing campaign, it’s time to develop your plan.

So…to give you a jumpstart I’ll give you 5 quick things to jot down on your to do list.

1. What are your goals?

If you don’t know your company’s goals, then you  can’t begin a marketing campaign.  Clearly (I can’t stress that word enough) outline what your goals are.  You have to know what you are setting out to accomplish or else you cannot go on to Step 2.

2. Where is your primary audience socializing? 

More 35 – 49-year-olds are clicking through Facebook looking up former schoolmates while the 18-34-year-olds are “twittering” away.  Twitter’s age demographic is rising and professionals are registering for LinkedIn daily.

The biggest mistake you can make is wasting time by not even reaching your company’s intended audience.  B2B marketers, your likely better off creating communities on Facebook and Groups on LinkedIn (just an FYI).

Pick the right place or else you’ll be starting at step one all over again.

3. Use your medium. 

I know it sounds simple, but your social media campaign will fail if you do not know how to effectively use the medium you choose, you will just be wasting time.  Learn the ways your company can get the most exposure.  Find out which is the best way to communicate to your audience.  The biggest variable is, what is the best way you can get the network you create to talk about your company.  I almost forgot, talk their language too, it’ll get a better response.

4. How are you going to measure your results.

You don’t want to be in a situation where two weeks into your campaign and you aren’t getting any results and you have no explanation as to why.  Although this part of the campaign is time consuming and frustrating, measuring the results and tweaking when need be can turn a loss into a profit. 

In these times, no one wants to take a loss.

5. Determine your next plan of action.

You always have to be prepared for what’s next to come.  A successful campaign has to have a great follow-up or else your initial marketing plan was done in vain.

If you have 25,000 followers on Twitter and a large community on Facebook, not to mention, you’ve seen an increase in your sales, and your website’s traffic has skyrocketed, you can’t fall off the face of the earth.

People participating in social media networks love to socialize.  It’s a necessity to keep the communication line open.  You don’t want to have a good thing going and can’t keep up because your planning all over again.

Following the aforementioned steps will give you a good jump start to your campaign.

Any other tips, please feel free to comment.


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