Social Media a Fad?

social-media-waste-of-timeOne thing you have to remember is that social networking sites are always changing.  

Just a couple years ago, MySpace was the head honcho of social networking sites.  Twitter wasn’t getting half as much traffic as it is now.  Facebook was growing, but still couldn’t compete with MySpace.

Jeremy Littau made a good point:

What Twitter and Facebook have in common was they built something of value from scratch, and from the ground up. Facebook has created the ability to never lose contacts again in a way that regular e-mail cannot. Twitter has created live user-generated search capability. 

Although Twitter and Facebook have yet to make a profit, their lack of profitability shouldn’t be a reason to discount their potential (it took Amazon six years to make a profit).  

MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter will in fact die out in a few years, but the internet is always changing and new social networks will be created and people will flock to them.

Journalists feel that social media is just a fad, but they fail to see that the general public is the driving force of media.  You choose when you want to know about something and you have your own method of getting or even producing the information you are interested in.

Blogs are a perfect example.

Blogs give the ordinary person a sense of control.  To know that someone is interested in the information they want to share is the greatest feeling in the world to them.

Social media is not a fad, it’s just the beginning of an era, how will you participate?


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