5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Network

defining-it-project-successAdmit it, you’re addicted.

What seems like a few minutes Twittering is really an hour. Writing on Facebook walls, finding new connections on LinkedIn, and browsing concert photos on Flickr can take up a whole day before you know it.

Sure you want to have some fun, but think about what you can do for your business if you spent all that time engaging in conversation with your customers, finding out what they really want.

If you are addicted to social networks, you and over 200 million people have something in common.  You just have to find the best way to leverage using social media and really reach your audience.

You always wanted to be in charge and now is your chance to have a successful social media network.

1. Create engaging content, let your customers do the talking.  

Don’t just create a community/group based on what you like.  Your interests should be of no concern to you when running a social media campaign.  

2. Interact and respond to your network.  

If the people in your network aren’t happy with the content, setup an online poll or a voting system to find out what will work best.  You want them to keep coming back and talking about your company, so why not let the community know that their voice matters.

3. Reward your members with exclusive perks.  

Everyone wants to feel appreciated.  Giving community members a discount on a product or service will attract more members due to viral marketing.  If Jane Doe gets a discount and lets her friends know about it, her friends are more likely to join the network and inform their friends about it.

4. Show your appreciation.

If your customers have a Twitter account, devote a blog to some of them.  Make them part of your #FollowFriday.  Your members are more likely to do the same for you, which in turn will expand your network.

5. Stay consistent.

Make sure your network stays fresh.  It doesn’t hurt to blog daily about interesting topics, nor does it hurt to update your status.  If you have a new product coming out, take a photo of it in the developmental stage to build anticipation.  If your community members feel like you are disappearing, soon they will too.



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