Maximize Your Traffic Using Social Media

BenJerryThursday June 25th will be a day that goes down in history.  Not only did Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett pass away, but the internet was on the verge of shutting down due to overwhelming amounts of traffic.

Gossip sites, and’s hosting servers nearly crashed due to the world searching Michael Jackson’s death. 

Don’t you wish your company website, microsite, blog, or ecommerce site had those problems?  If you leverage your social media strategy the right way, you just may have to deal with similar issues.

Face the facts, increased traffic and sales don’t come immediately when a new social media marketing strategy is in place.  You have to monitor your efforts to see if you are even reaching your target audience, if your community is behaving in the way desire (more conversation, less spam), and most importantly, has your unique visitors and overall traffic increased.

Ben and Jerry’s is running a phenomenal social media campaign that is extremely viral. 

Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out microsite homepage has eight linked images on it and two of the eight are links to their Twitter and Facebook pages.

With over 3,000 followers on Twitter and 950,000 plus fans on Facebook (note the vanity name used), Ben & Jerry’s has found a way to maximize their website traffic in a  simple way.

The site allows fans and visitors to flip their text upside down and post Twitter and Facebook status updates in a new way.  Once their friends see the new “cool” text, they go to the site and try it out for themselves (talk about word-of-mouth marketing).

Social media strategies are all about “something new”.  When planning your social media marketing strategy, think outside the box!  It’s the new, entertaining concepts that people are drawn to. 

Social networking sites have helped to shorten attention spans across the nation.  People want to be entertained, not spoken to. 

An idea you may think is crazy and has no legs may just turn out to be the most successful marketing campaign your business has ever seen.

Maximize your store, website, ecommerce traffic by carefully planning and executing your social media strategy.  If you need a little more help with ideas and concepts, don’t be afraid to crowdsource on LinkedIn, or even leave a comment on this blog, I’m sure readers will be delighted to offer you some of their expert advice.



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3 responses to “Maximize Your Traffic Using Social Media

  1. Nice article. Looks like you recently started this site. I used this theme before. Good luck.

  2. imarketu

    Thanks for the comment. I have recently started this blog and I have had a pretty good response which keeps me motivated.

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