Shoebuy’s Twittering Works!

n18512465266_1851367_3254090There are thousands of blogs that give advice on correctly implementing social media campaigns, internet marketing, getting the most out of Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Many companies dive into the social media world blindly and end up wasting their time and money because they are: 1.) Not using the social networks their customers use 2.) Spamming the hell out of their customers or 3.) Not utilizing and monitoring their social networks like they should.

Shoebuy has seemed to have found the key to a successful Twitter campaign.

What makes their Twitter marketing efforts stand out?

For starters, once you follow @shoebuy and send them a reply, you are automatically entered into a drawing for a free pair of shoes (who doesn’t like free stuff).

Next thing you will notice is, you will get followed by some Shoebuy employees @Shoebuy_News@Shoebytes, and @Sasha4Shoebuy.

Between those four accounts, Shoebuy has over 2,500 followers and 1,131 updates, and not one Tweet is spam!

So, why are their Tweets working?

I haven’t come across any numbers that show an increase in sales for Shoebuy, but I do know current customers and prospective customers are visiting the site.  I am even guilty of posting a link on Twitter of the shoes I hope to win in their weekly giveaway.

Shoebuy’s employees actually talk to their customers rather than just tweet the same things over and over again.

You get to know a little bit about each of them as you are tweeting back and forth and you begin to think the other person is your friend and you have similar tastes in shoes, watches, clothing, etc.

With a successful Twitter campaign, a well designed Facebook page, and an interesting blog, Shoebuy’s social media campaign has the ability to increase sales and brand awareness.

If you are looking for a Twitter B2C marketing success story @Shoebuy has a story to tell.


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