New Facebook Demographics, 513% Growth In 55+ Year Old Users

facebook-logo-2Facebook is what our PR Director calls the “ground zero” of social media.  Everyone is flocking to setup their profile and put something on their wall.

Well, iStrategyLabs, has published new demographics on Facebook and surprisingly, the age group you thought would be leading the pack isn’t.

Here are some key stats from their demographic findings:

  • In 6 months, Jan. 4, 2009 – July 4, 2009, the United States has seen a 70.8% growth in Facebook users.
  • 55+ year olds had an unprecedented growth of 513.7%
  • The number of Facebook users claiming to be from Atlanta, Ga. grew 142.4%
  • The number of High School users dropped 16.5% and College student use dropped 21.7%

Do these stats prove the myth that once parents started “writing on walls” that their kids stopped and migrated to Twitter?  We’ll know soon enough.

What are your thoughts?


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