Microsoft, Apple and Social Media

apple-vs-microsoft2Yesterday, Mashable posted an article that made some Apple fanatics cringe.

Microsoft has decided to build retail stores and strategically place them right next to Apple retail locations. In addition to that announcement, Microsoft also claims to have received a phone call from Apple demanding they cease all of their “Laptop Hunters” commercials.

After reading this, I began to think, if Microsoft and Apple took their “battle for the top spot” to the social media world, who would do it best?With the masses of people that followed the WWDC via multiple online outlets, I would have to say Apple would have the upper hand.

Apple knows how to reach and persuade a larger audience and they already have all the right weapons in place to do so.

Think about it…iPhones and iPods are in the possession of millions of people.  There’s over 65,000 apps in the App Store, and with all the creative and innovate ideas developers are putting into motion right now, things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon.

With Research In Motion testing a social media network for Blackberry users, how can you not foresee Apple doing the same exact thing.

For all you twitterers out there, how many times have you seen Microsoft in Trending Topics?  I am sure Bing found it’s way in there but for weeks, WWDC, iPhone, 3GS, Apple, and MacBook were constantly on the Trending Topics list.

Let’s not forget #MoonFruit.  In just three days, MoonFruit went from very little followers to over 30,000 followers each with their hopes set on receiving one out of 10 MacBook Pro’s being given away.

It’s probably safe to say, if Apple decided to give away free copies of Snow Leopard software the response would be astounding.  Free giveaways for Windows 7…not so much.

A strong social media marketing plan is in the works from both these companies, I can smell it.  The biggest question is, who’s gonna do it best?


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