Social Media ROI and You!

TheUncleSam biggest concern that I read about on LinkedIn, blogs, and tweets is how do you measure a social media marketing plans success.  What it really comes down to is “What ROI will I see?

Rightfully so, businesses can ask this question, and as a social media marketer I have to answer this question.  The answer is as simple as it sounds, it’s more about qualitative than quantitative results.

Before you form an opinion on what you just read, let me explain.

I’ll use Dunkin’ Donuts for example.  If Dunkin’ Donuts decides to give out free glaze donuts on a random Thursday, tweeted about it and posted it to their Facebook wall, within seconds, word would spread on Facebook, it would be in the top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter, and subconsciously, even the biggest social media skeptic would find themselves talking about it.

Dunkin’ Donuts would have a large crowd on the giveaway day and things would go back to normal the next.  Dunkin Donuts would see the quantitative results but would be missing out on the qualitative.

Now, let’s imagine Dunkin’ Donuts implemented a strategic social media marketing plan and gradually gained a large number of followers on Twitter and a decent amount of fans on Facebook.  Over time, their followers/fans eventually would become Dunkin’ Donuts regulars and even influence their own network of friends to buy from Dunkin’ Donuts.

The qualitative results eventually bring in the numbers.  It may not be as quickly as some would like it, but it does happen.

I would very much appreciate the loyal, regular customer more than the one-time free promotion customer on a random Thursday.

Think about the value your social media marketing plan will create for your current and potential customers and remember the quantitative results are great but the qualitative results are always better.

Which ROI is more appealing to you?


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