Twellowhood = Twitter Marketing Goldmine

Picture 1In the midst of developing a social media campaign for a client, I came across this very helpful site called Twellow, the Twitter Yellow Pages.

Twellow is great for a couple of reasons.  One, if you already know your targeted audience demographic, you can go to Twellowhood and find all of the people in that state (which is further broken down by city) that have twitter profiles.  Twellowhood provides you with their bio and the amount of followers they have.  Two, Twellow cuts the time it takes to search for your audience via Twitter in half.

Go on, you know you want to see what Twellow is all about, just click the link above.  Don’t forget to come back and let me know your thoughts.


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Shoebuy’s Twittering Works!

n18512465266_1851367_3254090There are thousands of blogs that give advice on correctly implementing social media campaigns, internet marketing, getting the most out of Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Many companies dive into the social media world blindly and end up wasting their time and money because they are: 1.) Not using the social networks their customers use 2.) Spamming the hell out of their customers or 3.) Not utilizing and monitoring their social networks like they should.

Shoebuy has seemed to have found the key to a successful Twitter campaign.

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Maximize Your Traffic Using Social Media

BenJerryThursday June 25th will be a day that goes down in history.  Not only did Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett pass away, but the internet was on the verge of shutting down due to overwhelming amounts of traffic.

Gossip sites, and’s hosting servers nearly crashed due to the world searching Michael Jackson’s death. 

Don’t you wish your company website, microsite, blog, or ecommerce site had those problems?  If you leverage your social media strategy the right way, you just may have to deal with similar issues.

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Social Media and ROI

imagesAs with any marketing strategy that a company implements, the bottom line is, What’s going to be our ROI?

Sure ROI is important to companies because they want to see an increase in their profit.  That’s the purpose of a marketing budget.  However, with social media marketing, ROI takes on a whole new look.

Your boss wants to see quantitative ROI results.  With social media marketing, qualitative results should drive those quantitative stats up.

If you aren’t quite sure which metrics you should be looking at when determining your social media campaign’s ROI, I’ll give you list that should give you a pretty good idea of what you should be concerned with.

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Why You Need to Use LinkedIn


Because LinkedIn connects your business and your employees with other people.

That’s a simple answer, right?  Then why aren’t more businesses using it?

It’s common to ignore the minor things in life, but you cannot afford to ignore the things that seem minor but have so much more potential behind it.

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Social Media is More Than What You May Think

thinkingWhen the words social media are spoken, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace. 

Even the so called “social media marketing guru” shows his/her flaw by always referring to these sites as the meat and potatoes of social media.

What many fail to realize is, social media is composed of any online community where people can interact with each other.

A perfect example of a social media campaign that doesn’t involve the popular social networks is WebEx’s Pass the Ball Continue reading

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Social Media: What’s In It for Me?

If the title of this post is what you are asking yourself before deciding to implement a social media strategy into your marketing efforts, you are already headed in the wrong direction.

Marketing using social media is and isn’t about your business, it’s about your customers!

Sure everyone wants to see a decent ROI, but your customers are the ones that are going to be responsible for your ROI.

You have to keep your customers best interests at the top of the list when developing a new social media strategy.   Since you are tapping into their world, you have to give them something to do that they will actually want to do.

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