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Social Media’s Future Influence on Education

twitter_schoolsLet’s face the facts, the days of searching for information in an encyclopedia are long gone.  To be completely honest, I firmly believe if you were to give a teenager an assignment to locate information in an encyclopedia they wouldn’t even know how to do it.

Computers and the internet have completely changed the way we look for information and social media is going to play an even larger role when it comes to education shortly.

With the world tweeting, Digging, Tumbling, and writing on walls, it’s only a matter of time before a high school teacher or college professor decides to add his/her Twitter address on their syllabus so the students can get a hold of them (that is if they don’t want emails to flood their inbox), creates a class forum for required discussion sessions (which is already happening with Springboard), or gives live video review sessions via Justin.tv or Ustream.

That’s not all, think about how easily students can obtain information using Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon.

I’ll give you a scenario: Continue reading


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Blogging is Key to Social Media Success

Blogs are a big staple right now when one looks to define Social Media. Sure you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, etc., but without a blog, you have no home base.

Before starting a blog, you have to decide, what will you blog about. It makes no sense to be a hose and tube fitting company and blog about air conditioners (an unlikely scenario, but you get the point).

Next, you have to make sure the person you appoint as the blog’s administrator knows what they are doing. They have to have a sense of web design, copywriting skills (blog typos happen, but an excessive amount can ruin a company’s credibility), and be web savvy.

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Facebook and Business Part 1: Setting Up Your Page

Hubspot just released a great ebook today titled, How to Use Facebook for Business.

Just like any other social media tool, you are going to have people that are on the fence on this one, but, I feel if you set up your Facebook Page (not a profile) or Group correctly, you are going to see results.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the ebook now, I’ll do you a favor and highlight the “How to Set Up a Page” portion.  Stay tuned for “How to Set Up a Group”.

Setting up your page.

Make sure you select a category.  Since you are a business, your category will either be “Brand or Product”.  Categories will help your ranking when it comes to searches.  

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Social Media Marketing Stage 1 – Planning

urban-planning-6After determining your budget and appointing someone in charge of your social media marketing campaign, it’s time to develop your plan.

So…to give you a jumpstart I’ll give you 5 quick things to jot down on your to do list.

1. What are your goals?

If you don’t know your company’s goals, then you  can’t begin a marketing campaign.  Clearly (I can’t stress that word enough) outline what your goals are.  You have to know what you are setting out to accomplish or else you cannot go on to Step 2. Continue reading

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B2B Social Media Success

Carabiner Communications,carabiner_logo a PR firm, just released a new white paper on how B2B companies can connect using social media.

I am a huge believer in B2B success using social media because I have seen what effective social media marketing has done for companies.

The white paper outlines how companies can begin their own social media campaigns.

You can download the white paper at http://www.carabinerpr.com/socialmedia/

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Facebook = Advertising Success…If Done Right

facebook-logo-2A few years ago, Target ran a very successful advertising campaign on Facebook.  Their success, targeting their most wanted customers, college students.

When looking at the Facebook campaign AKQA ran for Target, AKQA did exactly what you are supposed to do when running an social media marketing campaign.

Basically, if you build it, they will come.

The message was adjusted for their audience. 

Rather than just talking to their audience, they made their campaign more about party planning.

“Our attitude had to be that we were taking advantage of an environment that already exists; we aren’t there so much to tell a story, but to put on a party, giving the students a platform for social interaction,” says Mauro Cavalletti,  AKQA’s creative director. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Mythbuster

Twitter-LogoI was a little dismayed at the article I read on BusinessWeek.com last week about  Social Media Marketing and businesses.

So, I’m going to do everyone that wants to know a little more about Social Media a favor and debunkify those myths outlined in that article one by one.

1. Social media sites are free.

“Using social media sites isn’t as easy or cheap as many people think…there’s a significant cost: your time.”

That is indeed true.  That’s what makes social media sites so appealing to the 250 million plus American’s that are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace (just to name a few) everyday.  Yes it takes a little time to build an attractive profile and a network, but that’s what social media is all about, socializing.  Continue reading

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