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Facebook and Business Part 1: Setting Up Your Page

Hubspot just released a great ebook today titled, How to Use Facebook for Business.

Just like any other social media tool, you are going to have people that are on the fence on this one, but, I feel if you set up your Facebook Page (not a profile) or Group correctly, you are going to see results.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the ebook now, I’ll do you a favor and highlight the “How to Set Up a Page” portion.  Stay tuned for “How to Set Up a Group”.

Setting up your page.

Make sure you select a category.  Since you are a business, your category will either be “Brand or Product”.  Categories will help your ranking when it comes to searches.  

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Social Media Marketing Stage 1 – Planning

urban-planning-6After determining your budget and appointing someone in charge of your social media marketing campaign, it’s time to develop your plan.

So…to give you a jumpstart I’ll give you 5 quick things to jot down on your to do list.

1. What are your goals?

If you don’t know your company’s goals, then you  can’t begin a marketing campaign.  Clearly (I can’t stress that word enough) outline what your goals are.  You have to know what you are setting out to accomplish or else you cannot go on to Step 2. Continue reading

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